Scituate Science Department prepares students for success in high school science and beyond!

Learning is something that is done by you, not something that is done to you. We are here as your coaches to provide lots of learning opportunities for you. What you get out of anything depends on what you put into it. Don't let these opportunities pass you by. The more you learn, the more options you will have in life. We want doors to be wide open for you in the future. Make a commitment to a better life for your future self by working hard to achieve your own learning now. Practice courage and resilience, and you can achieve amazing things!


Science Department

Recognizing that we live in a highly technical society, it becomes necessary for students to have a good grasp of science and technology to understand our world. In order to achieve that aim, the courses offered in the Science Curriculum are varied to meet the needs of students. When selecting courses, students and parents should pay particular attention to course pre-requisites.

Our School

SHS Core Values

Scituate High School is a collaborative community in which all stakeholders:

  • Contribute to a mutually respectful and nurturing learning environment
  • Support the mental, physical, and social development of each student
  • Empower students to reach high academic, civic, and social standards
  • Aid in students' acquisition of 21st century visual, informational and digital literacy skills, including analytical and creative thinking and reasoning
  • Encourage students to gain cultural and global awareness through collaboration in the use of real world technology tools and applications
  • Teach students to become effective communicators, problem solvers, and responsible, contributing citizens
  • Foster student acquisition of the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their personal and professional goals

Academic Expectations and Learning Outcomes

Graduates of Scituate High School:

1.0 Communicate effectively through speaking, writing, listening and reading.

1.01 Students engage in effective oral communication in front of an audience

1.02 Students communicate effectively during class discussions

1.03 Students communicate effectively through the use of writing for a variety of purposes and audiences

1.04 Students listen actively, critically, and responsibly

1.05 Students demonstrate the ability to comprehend,process, evaluate, and use print and visual materialfrom a variety of genres

2.0 Think critically and problem solve effectively

2.01 Students use higher order thinking skills to research, analyze, and evaluate information from a variety of sources

2.02 Students use critical thinking skills to make informed decisions, formulate independent thoughts, and solve problems

3.0 Demonstrate active involvement in their own education

3.01 Students participate in self-evaluation, class critiques, and class discussions

3.02 Students demonstrate initiative, responsibility, and self-discipline in achieving success in all content areas

3.03 Students participate in assignments, projects, performances, and conduct research as required by set standards

3.04 Students work cooperatively to achieve a shared goal

4.0 Use current technology effectively and responsibly to enhance learning in the content areas

4.01 Students use appropriate technology in content areas

4.02 Students use appropriate technology to collaborate on assigned tasks in content areas

5.0 Explore and express their creativity and curiosity

5.01 Students demonstrate originality, creativity, and curiosity in their work

5.02 Students critically interpret various forms of human expression

Social Expectations

  • Demonstrate respect for individual differences and diversities
  • Appreciate and respect the abilities and achievements of others
  • Balance the demands of academic responsibility with social and co-curricular activities and employment.

Civic Expectations

  • Exhibit the responsibilities of citizenship
  • Practice leadership and membership skills in working in groups to solve problems
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Demonstrate commitment by attending school regularly, being on time to school and class, doing outside assignments, and participating in class.

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