2015 - 2016
Blood, Sweat, and Gears

If you asked anyone in our class to describe Team 9906, “Blood Sweat & Gears”, in one word a majority would describe us as “unique”. Our team is made of eight people, Kyle Apuzzo, David Scott, Joe Mollo, Rob LoBianco, Justin Kachanis, Sean Nicholas, Michael John Notarianni, and Andrew Fidas. Kyle Apuzzo a.k.a Puzz (Pronounced pooze) is our head designer and is also our programmer. He puts up with all of our antics without ever getting upset or aggravated. Outside of class he is a member of the band and the soccer team and also enjoys racing karts as well. David Scott a.k.a. Dave is in charge of PTC Creo which he originally was not too happy about but has learned to cope with. Outside of school he enjoys riding ATV’s, fishing and working on restoring cars. Although he comes off as a quiet person we have come to learn he has his “Bob” moments as well. Joe Mollo, our project manager, spends a lot of time in class helping Kyle and Bob brainstorm as well as making sure Bob is under control. Outside of school he enjoys working on cars and especially working on his cars audio systems. Rob LoBianco notoriously known as “Bob” may be described as the life of the team. He enjoys having fun and sometimes goes too far. However, he does enjoy working on our robot and making sure the rest of the team is in a good mood. Outside of school he enjoys wrestling, which he has done for 9 years now. Justin Kachanis a.k.a. “The Kachan Man”, is somewhat a jack of all trades and has contributes at least somewhat to every aspect of our team. This is his first year participating in FTC and he is interested in Engineering because his father is a manufacturing engineer. Sean Nicholas is also a bit of a renaissance man as well. Along with Bob he helps to always keep the team in a good mood! This is his fist year participating in FTC and outside of school he enjoys being a part of our schools NEED (National Energy Education Development) Club and has a passion for live music as well. Michael John Notarianni a.k.a. MJ, has been a huge part of our outreach team. He has helped us reach out to the community but also to upcoming high schoolers as well. He helped Ms. Donovan with her middle school robotics club in some of his free time. Last but definitely not least is Andrew Fidas. Although he joined our team a little later than the rest of us he has definitely proved his worth. He is a bit of a programming genius and proved to be a bit of a godsend when designing our autonomous mode. All together we blend pretty well, everyone has something to contribute to the team and when we all put our heads together we can accomplish some pretty great things. Throughout the year so far we have had some pretty memorable times, although they usually end with a reminder to always practice gracious professionalism I think our teacher, Ms. Donovan would agree that we are a pretty good group of kids. We hope to do well In the First Tech Challenge Qualifiers and also the State competition as well.

This is a picture of one of our team members, MJ, doing some outreach to assist our middle schools robotics club.
This is a picture of one of our team members, Andy, Displaying how our robot works to our middle schools robotics club.
This is a picture of our original robot design which has greatly evolved since this picture was taken.
This is a picture of our new arm design which hopefully will allow us to perform a pull up during our competition.