Period 5:

  • Wednesday, December 13: Read over the instructions and rubric in 1.1.0 of the course on mypltw.  Develop a list of possible engineers that you might interview. If you need help, please ask. Compose a respectful and well-written email to the top person on your list. Check with your classmates to see that you are not duplicating interviewees. Your professional background, interview, and reflection must be completed and documented in your notebook by January 5. Don'y in getting this process started. If you have extra time in class, work to make sure your notebook is all up to date, organized, and the table of contents is complete.

  • Thursday, October 4:

    In your online course, go to 1.1.0. Review the presentation “Careers in Engineering” and take notes in your notebook. What type of engineering sounds most interesting to you? Why? Explain.

    You will be conducting an interview of an engineer working in the area of engineering that interests you the most.  What is your plan for finding someone suitable for this? Explain.

    Review the rubric. Read over the procedure and questions. Once you have discussed your plan with Ms. D, you  should begin the interview project. Interviews must be completed by November 16.

  • Wednesday, September26: With your partner(s), create a shore slide show for the simple machine project. Be sure to include the following: definition of the simple machine, photo of your machine, photo of your annotated sketch, calculations of IMA, data from measurement of AMA, calculation of efficiency. Be sure to save this to your google drive or email it to yourself. When this is complete (or for homework) read and take notes on the slide show from 1.1.3.
  • Due Wednesday, September 6: Review your "Sciencepup" letter and safety contract (found here) with your parents or guardian. You and they should sign it and you must bring it in to class.