GIS = Geographic Information System

Social Studies Department, January 11:
First, check out this example of a Story Map:

Lewis and Clark
This is a great way for you to present information. Story maps are also a great way for students to create reports and give presentations.
Other examples of story maps can be found here:

Where do we start? You should have received an email invitation to join our group. Please log into the organizational account following the link provided in that email using A1234567 as your initial password (change it right away). After that, any time you want to log in, go to and click on "Sign in" at the top right.
Once you are logged in, you should see "Map" in the menu at the top. Just to get accustomed to some of the mapping tools, start with this activity:

5 mapping activities in 5 minutes AGO 5×5.

Use any remaining time to explore more story maps. At the next PD day, we will have another chance to work together on this.


Social Studies Samples: