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Below are several useful items to help you:

  • Need help with citing sources in APA? Try these resources: Purdue Owl, Bibme

lab_report_rubric_general.doc lab_report_rubric_general.doc
Size : 40.5 Kb
Type : doc
lab_report_rubric_general.pdf lab_report_rubric_general.pdf
Size : 83.256 Kb
Type : pdf
SHS Lab report template-1.doc SHS Lab report template-1.doc
Size : 29 Kb
Type : doc
                 Google Doc version of Lab Report Template
SHS Lab report template-1.pdf SHS Lab report template-1.pdf
Size : 7.527 Kb
Type : pdf

Here is a PDF with lots of good advice and instructions for using Excel:

Introduction to Excel for Science Students

Follow this link to view online video tutorials to learn the basics of excel or find new tricks if you already know the basics.

Excel Help! 

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