Period 4:

Soldering practice kits:

  • December: Link to bridge parameters:
  • Tuesday, October 17: This year, you will have a number of opportunities to distinguish yourself through our involvement with the Technology Student Association (TSA). Step one for today's assignment: Visit this web site and read through the different events. Write down the five that interest you the most:  Step 2: This link provides some more specifics on some of the events. Check it out and read the specifics on the dragster and write them in your notebook.  Step 3: Create a new part file in Autodesk inventor and start modeling the body of your dragster. Check out the models in the front of the room or google others to get images for ideas. SAVE your work! When there are 5 minutes left, take a screen shot of your drawing in CAD, past it into a power point slide, and print it for your notebook.
  • Friday, October 13: Things to work on today:  TP, JM, EH - revise/finish CAD files & load them to the shared folder. If you have trouble with the shared folder, send me an email with the file attached so I can get them printed for you. ALL - Finish digging into the resources that you signed up for from the list from Tuesday and take good notes. Be ready to share on Monday. When you finish, take one of the transparencies with a grid on it and a fine blue sharpie from the cart. Make a nice sketch of something cool. Annotate it. Do a good job because this will become part of the countertop. Happy Friday!  :-)
  • Tuesday, October 10: We have recently learned that we will have the privilege of helping a young boy deal with a very real problem - the loss of hand and part of his arm. This is real. This is not a hypothetical school problem. SO, today, before we meet him and hear his story, we begin to educate ourselves on the challenges faced by young people in this situation and some of the approaches to solving this bioengineering problem. Below is a list of resources that I would like you to explore as a class. Discuss who is responsible for what. Leave me a list of who is covering which resource. Read closely and thoughtfully. Take good notes so that you can share later. Feel free to print out portions of your research and put it into your engineering notebook. Start organizing a digital folder of resources related to this project (Can someone start a shared google folder?). When done exploring your selected resource, do more practice with autodesk inventor. We are ultimately going to print and assemble an arm. So, pick one feature of a hand or arm and try to model it, or find some parts that others have made and download them. Try modifying existing parts. Explore the browser in the CAD file to start to understand its organization. If you get stuck, try Youtube to master particular tools in autodesk inventor. At the end of class, take a screen shot and print it for your notebook. I will check notebooks next time to assess your level of effort in today's class. This will be your first grade in the "Problem" category or Power School, so make it a good one.

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