The Forest Management Plan 

What is a Forest Management Plan?

A Forest Management Plan is a process that helps you identify the resources and opportunities available on your property. It also helps you realize what you want to know from your property in terms of financial gain and long term enjoyment.

There are many different benefits to managing the forest land on your property. Part of the process includes taking an inventory on the types of trees in your forest which can help you get a better understanding of what to do with the land. A well-organized plan can help save time and money and will not only benefit you but the forest land all around you.

Who Would Benefit From a Management Plan?

If you are a private land owner and are looking to create a management plan for your forest, you are not only benefiting yourself but also your neighbors and community. When you create a proper forest management plan you will be helping to create a better environment by creating cleaner air, water, forest products, wildlife habitats, jobs and recreational opportunities. Any private land owner looking to create a better environment for the land around and their community should look into creating a Forest Management Plan!