Our Forest Management Plan 

In 1976, a this land entered into the Tree Farm program thanks to the efforts of Mr. John Leyden and his FFA students. To continue in the Tree Farm program, we must review and update our Forest Management Plan every ten years. The Environmental Science students of 2009-2010 at SHS conducted this review with the assistance of three committed volunteers: Gina DeMarco of the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District, Paul Dolan then with RI DEM's Division of Forestry, and Chris Modisette with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. 

During this review period, the students interviewed every stakeholder they could think of in the town to get a sense of the priorities that they had for the use of this land. The top priorities included keeping the forest healthy so that it contributes clean water to the watershed, use as a tool for education, and enhancing the biodiversity.

Each management plan must have a schedule of activities that will be carries out during the course of the ten years outlined in the plan. Our planned activities included enhancing the educational features of our nature trail. This web page is one of our approaches to meeting this goal. Additional activities include the creation of outdoor classrooms and demonstration of forest management techniques.